Dear guest,

Currently on days with both lunch and dinner service (Friday-Saturday), the waitlist option does not show for dinner if we have available tables for lunch. Please email us with name, telephone number and date if you wish for a waitlist position for dinner.


+45 4358 4330


We apologize for any inconvenience,

The Amass Team



Amass will be closed for a winter break from January 29th to February 27th. We will reopen at our regular hours Tuesday, February 28th.
Enjoy the Winter.


On Wednesday, March 22nd, we have invited Daniel Burns (Luksus, Brooklyn), Jame Lowe (Lyle’s, London), James Knappett (Kitchen Table, Bubbledogs, London) to join Matt Orlando and the Amass team in the kitchen. On this evening, we will kill the power… meaning we will swap out our stoves for fire, light bulbs for candle light and bonfires – and the hip hop will be live and acoustic. READ MORE ON OUR EVENT PAGE.